Warranty Policy



Your New Vehicle Limited Warranty gives you specific rights. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty is the only express warranty applicable to your vehicle.

pdxmotorsport.com are not responsible for any time you lose, for any inconvenience you might be caused, for the loss of your transportation, or for any other incidental or consequential damages you may have.


Your Limited Warranty Start Date is the day you take delivery of your new motor vehicles.


pdxmotorsport.com vehicles are carefully inspected at the assembly plant and, with the exception of “drop-shipped” vehicles, at the dealership prior to retail delivery.  Occasionally something may happen in shipping transit, and a customer may find that a vehicle was damaged before he or she took delivery. If you see any damage when you receive you vehicle, notify your dealer immediately or as soon as you possibly can.


An Owner’s Manual with a Scheduled Maintenance Guide, which indicates the scheduled maintenance required for your vehicle, will be delivered with your new motor products. Proper maintenance guards against major repair expenses resulting from neglect or inadequate maintenance and may help increase the value you receive if you sell or trade your vehicle.

It is your responsibility to make sure that all scheduled maintenance I performed and that the materials used to meet or exceed Vehicle’s specifications. Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as specified will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by the lack of maintenance. Retain receipts for completed maintenance work and/or materials.


pdxmotorsport.com warrants every product we sell to be free from manufacturer’s defects in materials, i.e. the new vehicle performs as intended when delivered to the purchaser. This limited warranty is for defects from the manufacturer only.



Parts Covered Under Warranty Description On-the-Road Vehicle
Covered Period
Off-Road Vehicle
Covered Period
Engine (Lubricated Parts) All internal lubricated parts inside engine 1 Year 1 Year
Transmission system All internal lubricated parts contained within the transmission case 6 Months  6 Months
Drive System All internal lubricated parts contained within the drive system 3 Months  3 Months
Fuel System Parts for containing and supplying fuel 3 Months  3 Months
Electric System Electrical power control, supplying and charging system parts 3 Months  3 Months
Cooling System Components parts included in cooling system 3 Months  3 Months
Brake System Components parts included in Brake system 3 Months  3 Months
Chassis Major frame and steering control parts 3 Months  3 Months
Suspension System Components parts included and supported for suspension 3 Months  3 Months
Intake & Exhaust System Components parts included in Intake and Exhaust System 3 Months  3 Months
Engine (Engine Casing) External Engine case and Cover 30 Days 30 Days


All internal lubricated parts, i.e. Pistons, piston rings, piston wrist pins, connecting rods, rod bearings, camshaft, camshaft bearings, timing chain, crankshaft, crankshaft main bearings, oil pump, water pump (where applicable), valves, valve springs, valve guides, valve seats, valve lifters and valve push rods. The engine cylinder head and cylinder will only be covered if the damage is caused solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more internal lubricated components listed above.

Engine Case:

The Engine case itself will only be covered if damage caused was solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components listed above.

Drive System:

All internally lubricated parts contained within the drive axle housing case (where applicable), i.e. differential, differential gears, drive shaft, drive axles, CV joints, axle bearings, reverse gears and output shafts. The drive axle housing, as well as the reverse gearbox housing, will be covered, only if damaged solely as a result of the mechanical failure of one or more or the internal lubricated components contained the drive axle housing,

Fuel System:

Carbureted vehicles: the Carburetor, vacuum fuel pump, intake manifold, fuel tank and fuel petcock. (PDXMotorSport.com does not offer any fuel injected vehicles at this time; if and/or when we do components covered by the Limited Warranty will include: fuel injectors, electronic fuel pump, fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator.)


Stator, Stator Pickup, magneto, voltage regulator/ rectifier, CDI, starter relay/starter solenoid and starter motor (where applicable), coil, distributor assembly and injector relay (if/when applicable).

Cooling System (liquid-cooled vehicles only):

Radiator, radiator cap, thermostat, thermostat housing, temperature indicator sensor or switch, cooling fan motor(s), water pump and water pump housing.


Calipers, brake drum housings, drum brake linkage, reservoirs, rotors, and lines. Brake pad and/or linings are not covered


Frame, swing arms, A-arms, steering controls (linkages, rod ends, steering boxes and/or racks.)

Transmission (Automatic or Standard):

All internal lubricated parts contained within the transmission case, i.e. flywheel, hydraulic shift linkage, kick start spindle, kick start secondary gear and transmission gears. The transmission case itself will be covered if any damage was caused solely as a result of mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated components contained within the transmission case.

Coverage And Limitations:

Initial assembly and preparation must be performed in accordance with the Consumer Motor Vehicle Delivery Preparation and Inspection Form that is provided by pdxmotorsport.com. Additionally, all work must be performed by professional technicians (i.e. engine repair shop, motorcycle shop, local auto repair shop) or an authorized dealer to assure that the vehicle is in correct working order. Upon completion, you must mail to pdxmotorsport.com the Consumer Motor Vehicle Delivery Preparation and Inspection Form, signed by the technician who performed the service. You will need to provide proof of this service if filing a warranty claim, so retain all receipts.  At our sole discretion and subject to the terms stated in this Limited Warranty, pdxmotorsport.com agrees to replace covered component(s) if said component(s) is damaged or fails as a result of mechanical failure of one or more of the internal lubricated parts within the component’s stated warranty period from the Limited Warranty Start Date, if the component is being used under the conditions and in the manner intended and/or specified by the original manufacturer.

Remember, these unit are built for recreational or transportation use only. Warranty claims may be denied for abuse or misuse of the vehicle.

PDXMotorSport.com is not responsible for any damages arising from abuse; accidents, collision or objects striking the vehicle; driving or riding through water deep enough to cause water to be ingested into the engine; fire or explosion; freezing; misuse, natural disasters; theft, vandalism or riot; use of contaminate or improper fluids or fuel; or any modifications not performed by PDXMotorSport.com.

Abuse or misuse may include:

  • Jumping
  • Stunt riding;
  • Racing
  • Riding at constant wide open throttle
  • Use of vehicle as a rental unit
  • Damage caused by an accident
  • Use of vehicle in a manner for which it was not designed or engineered
  • Abuse and or damage caused by an inexperienced rider
  • Improper adjustment or operation of the clutch; examples include dragging or slipping the clutch, causing premature burning of the friction plates
  • Improper adjustment and/or operation of the brakes
  • Improper gear engagement, for example engaging reverse while traveling forward
  • Improper maintenance or not following Scheduled Maintenance Guide
  • Repairs not performed by a professional technician or an Mechanic Licensed dealer
  • Use of incorrect lubricants
  • Improper initial setup
  • Use of aftermarket parts for repairs


The Limited Warranty does not cover damage caused by failure to maintain the vehicle, improperly maintaining the vehicle, or using the wrong part(s), fuel, oil, lubricant(s), or fluid(s). See your Owner’s Manual for correct fluid types and levels, and read the Scheduled Maintenance Guide for maintenance and service requirements.


The Limited Warranty does not cover: (1) parts and labor needed to maintain the vehicle; and (2) the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. You, the owner, are responsible for these items. Examples of this include: oil changes, oils; lubricants and other fluids, oil and air filters; brake lining and/or pads; tire rotations (where applicable); cleaning and polishing; clutch linings; engine tune-ups.

Parts Not Covered By the Limited Warranty:

Air Filter, Axles, Ball Joints, Batteries, Belts, Body Plastic, Bolts, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Cables, Chains, Clutch Wear Parts, Drive Belts, Drive Shifts, External Springs, Fasteners of All Types, Foot Pedals, Foot pegs, Fuel Filter, Gaskets, Grips, Hand Levers, Handlebars. Hoses, Light Bulbs, Lights, Mirrors, Oil Filter, Seals, Seats, Shift Levers, Shock Absorbers, Spark Plugs, Sprockets, Tires, Tubes, Wheel Rims, Wheel Spokes and Spoke Nipples.

If You Need Warranty Repairs:

All warranty repairs must be processed and performed by the PDXMotorSport.com. Always contact the use first! For warranty issues or repairs, must provide a copy of the original invoice showing our model number, vehicle identification number (VIN) and date of purchase, as well as a copy of your Consumer Motor Vehicle Delivery Preparation and Inspection Form, before we can warranty your product directly. In either case, after obtaining an RMA number from PDXMotorSport.com, you will be instructed to ship back the original parts. PDXMotorSport.com reserves the right to decline any warranty claim based on the criteria listed in the Coverage and Limitations portion of this Limited Warranty.

Towing Charges:

Any and all towing charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.

Labor Charges:

PDXMotorSport.com does not pay for labor to repair or replace component(s) or part(s) subject to wear and tear (see: Parts Not Covered by Limited Warranty), or component(s) or part(s) sustaining damage from abuse, accident(s), and/or shipping under the terms of the Limited Warranty.  The Limited Warranty does not cover any damages caused by or resulting from shipping, misuse, abuse, or other reason except for a manufacturer’s defect.

All warranted parts must first be sent to PDXMotorSport.com for inspection and verification of defect(s) for inspection and testing for defects. Until the parts are sent to us, replacement parts will not be sent under the terms of the Limited Warranty. Failure to do so may result in you getting the wrong part. We are not responsible for wrong parts sent if we do not have your part to exchange and verify correct part numbers.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges incurred from shipping warranty components to PDXMotorSport.com and repaired or replacement parts to the original owner under the terms of the Limited Warranty.

Important Notes:

PDXMotorSport.com reserves the right to determine if damage is due to a manufacturer’s defect (defective materials or factory workmanship) and what is due to abuse or misuse of the vehicle.PDXMotorSport.com are not responsible for any time you lose, any inconvenience you might be caused, the loss of your transportation, loss of use, loss or damage arising from injury, rental vehicle(s), loss of profits, or loss of income, or for any other incidental or consequential damages you may have as the result of a failure of any component(s) or part(s).


This Agreement And Limited Warranty Is Null And Void If:

1. PDXMotorSport.com is not provided a reasonable opportunity to inspect a covered component or part prior to removal, repair, or replacement of any component(s) or part(s) covered under this Limited Warranty.

2. Damage to the component(s) or part(s) is caused by a non-covered component(s) or part(s), or by any component(s) or part(s) not purchased from


3. The vehicle owner fails to follow the minimum maintenance and break-in requirements specified by PDXMotorSport.com in the Owner’s Manual and/or fails to provide proper service documents or records.

4. The vehicle is entered or used in any form of competitive riding.

No Implied Warranties or Agreements:

There are no agreements or warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those stated in this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty extends only to the original customer and is non-transferable.  

There Is NO Warranty On PDXMotorSport.com That Are Intended To Be Used For Racing Purposes Only



The following Waiver of Liability is a legal and binding contract, executed in the State of California.
By purchasing any items on this website,
I, as buyer, acknowledge and agree to be above 18 years or age or are the parent of a child under the age of 18 years. I, as buyer, acknowledge and understand that riding an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV), dirt bike, go kart, motorcycle, moped, pocket bike and gas scooter is a dangerous activity that requires strenuous exercise and various degrees of skill and experience for individual riders.
I, as buyer, understand that these activities can result in serious injury to the person and damages to property and voluntarily assume any and all risk associated with loss, damage or injury while riding the vehicles advertised on our website.
I, as buyer, am aware of the risks, hazards and dangers of personal injury, death and disability inherent with the specific use of these vehicles as well as the inherent risks, hazards and dangers of personal injury and disability increase with inexperienced riders.
I, as buyer, agree to release and forever discharge PDXMotorSport.com or it’s parent company and their agents, servants, employees, officers, directors, trustees and all other persons or entities acting on their behalf and the manufacture from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, cost or expenses and attorney fees which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected to your participation or use of these vehicles, use of equipment or property supplied by PDXMotorSport.com or it’s parent company or your presence upon the premises, whether or not such claims, actions, damages, liability, cost or expenses are caused by the negligence of the seller, manufacturer or distributor.

By this Agreement, it is my intention as buyer, to surrender and waive any rights to sue or exercise any legal rights to seek damages from PDXMotorSport.com or it’s parent company and their agents, servants, employees, officers, directors, trustees and all other persons or entities acting on their behalf. This Agreement shall be affecting and binding upon my heirs, agents, personal representatives and assigns.

I, as buyer, hereby certify that I am over the age of 18 years of age.
I, as buyer, have carefully read the foregoing and acknowledge that I understand and agree to all the above Terms and Conditions. I have had the opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding this Agreement and the affect of the same. I, as buyer, am aware that by purchasing this item and sending/remitting payment for it/them, I assume all risk, and waive and release certain substantial rights that I may have or possess. I, as buyer, therefore release all liability and waive all rights I may have in regards to my child’s activities with any items purchased from PDXMotorSport.com.


Customer must inspect all equipment before using it and to take full responsibility for assuring that the equipment is in good working order and safe to use. You further understand that you are responsible for damage to equipment. Purchaser understands the nature of motor scooter riding and motorcycle related activities and acknowledges that Purchaser is qualified to operate said motor scooter, and is in proper physical condition to participate in such activity. Purchaser agrees to assume all risks when allowing others to operate Purchaser ‘ products.


Warning! Riding activities of dirt bikes, scooters, ATVs, go karts, pocket bikes and UTVs involve the risk and danger of serious bodily injury including, but not limited to, disability, paralysis, dismemberment and death. These inherent risks and dangers may be caused by Purchasers own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others, participating or not participating in the activity, the condition in which the activity takes place, or the negligence of others. There may be additional risks, including social and economic loss, either known or unknown to Purchaser, not readily foreseeable, and Purchaser fully accepts and assumes responsibility for all such risks, losses, costs, and damages incurred as a result of Purchasers participation in motorcycles riding activity.


Purchaser is responsible for registering and operating the motorcycles in accordance with local and state laws and ordinances. Seller makes no representations that the motor scooters, dirt bikes and ATVs are legal for operation in your City and State. Customers have read and understood the use of these products before purchasing.